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Death on a Factory farm: every pork loving chef should watch

Two nights ago, just after another spellbinding conclusion of Flight of the Conchords, I started watching a HBO documentary called Death on a Factory Farm.  Its about a guy who goes undercover with a camera strapped to him and gets a job at a factory pig farm in Ohio.  The Humane Farm Association employs him because the farm is suspected of some serious animal abuse.  The footage in this video will change you life, straight up.  The way that this farm, who is no doubt not alone in their practices, treats its animals was enough to make me sick.

Pork is in such a boom in the food world right now its unbelievable, you’ll find all parts of the pig being used in restaurants that a couple years ago would not have dared to try and sell them.  Luckily this boom is following for the most part in the same lane as the slow and local food boom.  People who know food want good pork, raised humanely, and not void of all fat like the grocery store version. This is a perfect time for a video like this to come along and show a lot of people why many are changing the way they buy food.

If you have HBO on demand its always available otherwise check the website for show times.  Here is a clip I found on the YouTube

My recommendation: watch this video, take it to heart, make a conscious effort to buy food that has been treated humanely.  Both you and I understand there are  a lot of people to feed in this world but no life form with any intelligence should be treated this way.  I think that’s all I have to say, this movie speaks for itself,  just don’t forget the way it makes you feel the first time you watch it.


this just in: help our nations farms!!

After reading Cris Cosetinos blog about shmeat I’m downright alarmed as to where this country is headed in the way it eats.  I almost told my over-sized roommate about the article but decided against it when I realized he’ll probably soon be eating the disgusting lab meat in his nightly Beefaroni sooner than he knows (If he ever does know that is!).  In the food world we need to take a stand(or just enter your name and e-mail) and endorse the on line petition targeted at who will be President-Elect Obama’s secretary of agriculture Click Here and fill out your information and a comment then follow the link to and read the proposal that supports farms, sustainability, and strays away from things like fossil fuels being used in agriculture.  Its a small step but hey, you voted for him so ya might as well tell him what you expect from him!

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