Top Chef Application status: sent

Alright so I did it, after all the shit I talk about top chef I sent in my own application.  Why?  I don’t know, but I tell you one thing, I don’t think that I can talk shit anymore since I couldn’t even follow all the directions for sending in the application.  I think my buddy Kebo said it best “why would they pick you your already messing up!”  True Kebo, what am i thinking?  So I filled out the application fine but when it came down to the video things got a little hairy here are some clips

top chef video 1 from justin meddis on Vimeo.

Completely unscripted, I’m nervously making up all the answers as i go along, making me look like a goob.  The cooking demo is even more of a flop, I took to long and I’m once again nervous as shit.

So what can I say now,  I mean who knows how nervous i would have been on national television.  All my shit-talking seems a little in vain now that I can’t even look cool on my damn application.  Honestly I am just looking forward to the rejection letter!! I think I’ll frame it for the grand kids.


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