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Korin sale: 15% off all knives!

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this just in: help our nations farms!!

After reading Cris Cosetinos blog about shmeat I’m downright alarmed as to where this country is headed in the way it eats.  I almost told my over-sized roommate about the article but decided against it when I realized he’ll probably soon be eating the disgusting lab meat in his nightly Beefaroni sooner than he knows (If he ever does know that is!).  In the food world we need to take a stand(or just enter your name and e-mail) and endorse the on line petition targeted at who will be President-Elect Obama’s secretary of agriculture Click Here and fill out your information and a comment then follow the link to and read the proposal that supports farms, sustainability, and strays away from things like fossil fuels being used in agriculture.  Its a small step but hey, you voted for him so ya might as well tell him what you expect from him!


Dear Tom Collicio, This Top Chef season sucks!!


One day I’ll gather the balls to actually send this to Mr. Tom

Dear Tom Collicio,

First of all let me say I am a big fan of your restaurant Craft, despite all of the bullshit that I have heard about it from people that have worked there.  I really admire how you dwindle on the lines between being a complete sellout and a chef that stays true to his roots of staying close to the food!  Very impressive!  But enough of the B.S. what I am really writing this letter about is the newest season of Top Chef.  In the past seasons I have been really happy with this awesome show, showcasing the talent in today’s professional kitchens.  But this season, not so much!  I am weekly finding myself more and more unhappy with your show I’d like to share some of my ideas.
I think your first problem is the cast.  Who the fuck picked these people?  A culinary student?  Come on bro, Carla!  She belongs on Sesame Street talking to Oscar the Grouch not showcasing Americas culinary talent.  I’m in this industry seven days a week and I know for a fact that there is better talent in America.  And I think I speak for us  all when I say this is a horrible representation.  I’ll be damned if any of us hardcore foodies and chefs would go on that show and think that we could find our niche just cooking and showcasing one protein per challenge like that chick from Jersey (who fits every NJ stereotype might I add, coincidence? I don’t think so)  Where are the Ilan’s, the Hung’s, the Harold’s man, they rocked!  They made it interesting, made those in the industry intrigued and opinionated!  Lets face it these cast members are goobs, all of them, its obvious they were picked for there personalities, and not at all by their talent.
The rest of the show has obviously gone to the man, once again bullshit!  Now it was snicker worthy to put them in the room-o-glad products while the judges deliberated .  I am still not going to buy that shit, and I always thought a room of rapidly boiling steam jackets filled with lobster stock would have made a better effect, but whatever. (beers always taste better next to steaming lobster bodies!)  What’s up with a huge rise in product marketing in the show?   You’re a chef,  most of the guest judges are chefs, or female ex-cons ( I know Rocco went on there so that he could “sell“ off his first two books), so why can’t you push to support what people in the industry are working to make known to general public!  Farm to table foods, Sustainable products, supporting local business, your not helping here!!  We need your help as well as everyone else’s in the shows cast to try and steer the general public away from buying butterball brand stuff and more towards making their own simple stocks, those are prime examples and they were all in one hour long show.   I have want to re-watch some of the episodes and see if there are any flash frames of Tyler Durdon holding some mass produced food product like hungry man dinners or something!
I mean whatever man I know that this is not all up to you, it’s the producers who make most of the decisions but us in the restaurant industry associate with you and your not making us happy.  I really hope this season starts to kick it up a crotch or you won’t find me or many others in the industry watch next years season!  On a final note if I see Guy Fiere anywhere near that show I will shoot my television!


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