Dirty Rice

dirty rice

Alright so yeah, I hate doing this but it’s so damn easy.  You don’ t have to be southern to cook good southern food! I’m from Jersey and overly proud of it so when I make something great that’s a southern dish I feel like I’ve accomplished something great.   Anyways, it was Sunday and I wanted to make something good so I went to the local IGA grocery store and got some really cheap ingredients to make dirty rice to go with some smoked pork loin and mueniere sauce.  Here’s what you need (no specific amounts sorry, not how I roll BRO! ) :

  • Chicken Livers
  • Chicken Parts(hearts and kidneys, aka pumpers and processors, make sure they look fresh)
  • Good quality rice (rinsed off starch)
  • Good stock, any flavor (preferably roasted chicken)
  • Small diced celery and onion
  • Bacon lardons and their leftover fat
  • A beer with no sneaky sips taken out
  • A few ripped sage leaves
  • Parsley, Worcestershire, and Tabasco sauce to finish

Get yourself two hot pans with a nice amount of oil in each.   When they are hot drop your livers in one and the chicken pumpers and processors in the other,  lower the heat on both, especially the parts because they are really hard to get brown on all sides so do it over very low heat.  The livers will start letting all of their juice out so lower the heat on them as well.  The pumpers and processors should start browning soon so watch them closely it is very easy to burn them,  cimg0351I also added more bacon fat to the pan as they absorbed the oil.  When the pumpers and processors are evenly browned including the bottom of the pan, add half stock and half beer to cover them and let it start reducing (remember to scrape up all the fond on the bottom of the pot!)  Meanwhile start cooking your rinsed rice in stock with salt, you want to cook it about three quarters of the way so bring it to a boil and put it on a very low simmer for about seven minutes with a cover on it the whole time, then put it aside to rest.  When all the liquid has reduced for your livers and they start sticking to the pan add your celery, onion, and  bacon lardons and let it cook out.  When all the liquid has reduced from the pumpers it will start browning again in the pan, wait until it has a good crust on the bottom then repeat the process again. I’ll admit this is a time consuming recipe but the end product is what it is all about and I’m sure you’ll be pleased! Once the onions and the celery are cooked through and there is a good crust on the bottom of the liver pan remove it from the heat and add your sage leaves.  Throw another pot in its absence that is large enough to fit everything in it and turn it on medium heat.  When the pumpers and processors have reduced down and have browned the bottom of the pan again add the rest of the beer and some of the stock and release all the fonds.  Bring the pumpers over to the food processor and pulse them until they are in very small chunks.  In that hot, empty pan add some oil or bacon grease if you’ve got it and then add the contents of the two pans. Fry it all out for a while until everything is mixed together and then add your rice.  Mix it all up until it is a even mixture then season it to taste with salt, pepper, worsh, Tabasco, and the parsley.  MAAANNNNN Dats Some Goood Ass FOO!!



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