Welcome to Chefs Like Us

Hey Everyone!!!  Oh yeah wait this my first entry, ain’t nobody gonna read this one…  Whatever, So this is my new blog,  two days ago I says to myself I says “Self, I love reading food blogs they teach me a whole bunch about food, they entertain me, and let me know I’m not over-obsessed with food!  But you know what self?…  whats that self?  I do all the same stuff that these writers and bloggers do, why don’t we start our own blog?  Now you know what self that is a great idea!”   So here I am and here you are umm, sooner or later, and here is my blog.  But ya know, enough about me lets talk about a little more, about me.  My name is Justin, I’m from New Jersey, and I’m a chef who works here in Charleston South Carolina.  I’m a chef who’s been working in the business for eight years or so,(I’m no Jean George) but hell I’ve seen some good food, eaten at some great restaurants, met some great people, and learned a whole bunch of stuff along the way. I’ve learned that simplicity and attention to every detail of food whether it be browning the garlic slices for tomato sauce perfect golden or developing the perfect fond for that sugo is whats important in cooking.  Its all about taking you time to do things right and it definatly reaches to all aspects of the art, whether it be at home or Saturday night at 8:45.  Not everyone around me lives by this set of rules and I wanna try to persuade them that way. And for those of you who do, the numbers are definatley increasing, well hey, welcome to the club!  In my free time I like to listen to music and sometimes ride my mountain bike on the vastly flat terrain of Charleston low country.  But most of my free time is spent reading about food in books or on the internet, dreaming about food, and boring my girlfriend with all this.  I’m a sous chef at a restaurant in Charleston called Cypress, we do some cool stuff and then some stuff that I don’t agree with but I’m sure that you will here about all that!
I gotta tell you I am really excited to share all this great stuff with you and see what your take is on it.  I’m not gonna lie, I read a lot of food blogs and never comment on what is written,  but lucky for you reader I’m holding a black Friday sale a week before it really happens.  If you comment on these pages and mindless blogs I promise I will go out there and comment on everything you post on your blogs that I have something to say about!  Now that my friends is a deal!! Its nearing shower time (first in two days, what!, I’ve been away!) and that means it is time to go to work.  Although we did get a whole cow in on Wednesday from Mibek farms in Barnwell, so I am really excited to see whats going on with it today and maybe I’ll get a chance to have a couple stabs at it. But anyways nice meeting everyone, tell all your friends about your new favorite single entry blog.  I promise the next entry will be the, wait scratch that, I hope the next entry will be the funniest most interesting thing that you have ever read about food.!!!!
O, and remember my favorite saying that I just thought of just now:

Live, Love, Eat, and talk a lot of shit!!
(especially about Wolfgang Puck)


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